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New Horizons

Below is a collection of vaguely related ideas that may or may not make coherent sense. (Fair warning, it’s almost two in the morning, I’m slightly sleep deprived already, and feeling extremely parenthesis happy).

  • Well, that’s a cliche title if I’ve ever seen one. I have absolutely nothing to say that relates to it. See how easy that was to come up with one though? Maybe I could just write inspiring one liners for a living. Just as long as I don’t have to follow them up with any kind of substantial insight.
  • Every time I turn on the TV, read news headlines, eavesdrop on coffee talk (not a creeper, promise), I hear people talk about “the issues.” Politics, religion, the economy, blah blah blah. I don’t consider myself an apathetic person (I have plenty of opinions of my own), but to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t care less about 99% (Oh god, resist the urge to turn this into another “Occupy” reference…) whatever it is people consider hot-button issues. Do us all a favor, find your inner Indie Kid (trust me, everyone has one), and rebel a little. Once you discover a band “way before they were mainstream,” you’ll know you’re finally a contributing member of society.
  • Somebody once told me to learn something new everyday (That’s actually a lie. That’s more of a fortune cookie saying that everybody would totally believe if I told them somebody had said that to me. Whatever.) Today was in fact, not one of those days. After waking up at 1:30, I eagerly went to the refrigerator for a spread of leftovers, followed by an over sized bowl of ice cream. I then aimlessly browsed the internet for god knows how long, as if I were channel surfing on basic cable after midnight. The dreary weather (by most people’s standards. I actually consider rain and clouds quite delightful sometimes) outside practically begged me to stay fixed to my way too comfortable chair. I gladly obliged, and was more than happy to watch an all time favorite movie, Pulp Fiction. Then dinner, then dishes, then done for the day. Clutch.
  • I usually reserving my tumblring (Oh yeah, I just did that. I’m so cool because I’m probably only the 57,129 person to “invent” a verb out of a preexisting noun by adding -ing to the end of it) for late at night. I guess it’s because I tend to write best at night, or maybe just because it forces me to crank stuff out with the eventual goal of sleep not too far away. Actually, yeah that’s it.
  • I discovered a few new ways to edit the look of a blog on here with this nifty little button labeled, “Customize.” Who knew? Anyways, I added a little subtitle and a sparse “About Me” section. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-Check it out! (Beastie Boys reference. I’m going to bed now.)
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